Electrical Safety Tips

Imagine our lives without electricity. It's a funny thought that most of us cannot even fathom. But it's this same line of thinking that causes us to take this wonderful power for granted. Electricity deserves to be treated with caution. Please share the following tips with your family and loved ones in your home.

Using Electricity Wisely:

  • Never use any electrical appliance or tool while on a wet surface, in the rain, or while
  • Make sure all power tools you're using have three prong plugs or are double insulated.
  • Never use a power tool that is not in good condition, or a tool or appliance with frayed wires.

Power Lines<

  • Never touch a power line, whether it's still in the air or lying on the ground. You must operate under the assumption that every wire is "live" and never assume a line is "dead." Especially, assume all downed wires are "live."
  • If you come across a downed wire, call your local electrical company immediately. Do your best to keep people and pets away from the wire until the electric company or the police arrive.
  • Do not fly kites, model airplanes, or any other mechanical airborne toys near power lines. If one should get caught in a line, do not try to remove it. Cal your local electrical company to report it, and let them untangle it.
  • Check to see that it is clear of power lines before you move a metal ladder or scaffolding. Metal and electricity do not mix!
  • Don't climb trees that are near power lines. Never climb steel poles, electrical posts or anything else connected to power lines.
  • If your car comes in contact with a power line for any reason, gently try to free your car. If the car will not move, stay inside and call or wait for help immediately. If you are faced with an emergency situation, and need to get out of the car, jump clear of car. Never touch the car and the ground at the same time.

In Case of Fire in the Home

  • Never attempt to put out an electrical fire with water.
  • In the event of an electrical fire, have everyone evacuate the house.
  • If you cannot extinguish the fire yourself with a household fire extinguisher, call the fire department immediately.
  • If the fire is in a small appliance, unplug the appliance or turn off the electricity. DO NOT TOUCH APPLIANCES THEMSELVES.

First Aid for Electrical Injury

  • If someone has been electrocuted, do not touch the person until they have been freed from the source of electricity by turning the power off. You can use a non-conductor, such as a piece of dry wood, or rope, to push or pull the person away from the power source.
  • If the person is outside and in contact with a high voltage wire, do move them. Call 911 immediately.